Soviet Army 2nd Class Breast Lapel Badges Specialist USSR Military Rank Badges

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Genuine 100% original badge "Second Class Specialist" is in a new-old condition. The mark of the class operator (grade 1, 2, 3rd class) was established for officers of the radio engineering troops, and in 1959 a badge of the class signaler for generals, admirals and officers of all kinds of Armed Forces. According to the provision on the sign, commanders of units, commanders of formations and commanders of military schools, commanders (chiefs) of branches of service (services), commanders of military districts (air defense districts), groups of forces, fleets and fleets, heads of the main (central) directorates of the USSR Ministry of Defense. 

Material: brass

Size: 1.57x1.18 inches (40x30 mm).

Events for the introduction of the class of flight crews have fully justified themselves. By November 1950, 70% of the pilots and navigators were great specialists. Subsequently, their number increased even more, especially at the expense of specialists of the 1st and 2nd class. It was decided to apply this experience to the training of junior specialists of all military branches. By the Order of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR 1954, a single badge was established for the class specialists of the sergeant and rank-and-file staff. At the same time, the Statute and its description were approved. Four grades were foreseen. The highest was considered "master" and further downward: "1", "2" and "3" class. To sign relied certification. The idea of ​​the sign was proposed by Colonel A.P. Masters, who was then responsible for the development of metal fittings at the Technical Committee of the USSR Impact Institute of the USSR Ministry of Defense. Manufactured at the Leningrad Mint and other enterprises.
Description of the enamel badge: the Varangian shield with sloping shoulders and a circle located above, in which a red five-pointed star is inscribed with a sickle and a hammer and a ray-like notch under the enamel. The shield is framed by a wide golden belt, on which laurel branches are placed on the shoulders of the shield and below. The shield field is covered with blue enamel, under which a dotted notch is made.
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