Voigtlander Vitomatic 2a Camera | Color Skopar 50mm f2.8 lens | 1960 Not working

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SKU: 3.17D

Physical condition

Body condition:

Scratches: Minor

Dents: None

Rust or corrosion: Severe

Lens condition:

Scratches: None

Fungus: Minor

Haze: Severe, due to rust

Aperture: Working, but very rusty

Focus: Working


Clarity: Obscured, Mirror/glass inside broken

Alignment: Inaccurate

Functional condition

Shutter Function:

Shutter speed: Not working, shutter blades stuck

Curtain: -

Exposure meter:

Functionality: Working

Film advance and rewind:

Film advance: Stuck

Frame counter: -

Functionality: Working

Light seals:

Condition: -

    Flash sync:

    Functionality: -


    Functionality: Can't test

    Additional Features/Notes

    Other features:-

    Accessories included: -

    Overall assessment

      Functional status: Not functional

      Cosmetic rating: 3/10

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