Macau | 5 Coin Set 10 20 50 Avos 1 5 Patacas | Dragon | 1982 - 1988

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5 coin set made in Macau (Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, 澳門). Macanese coins picked from these periods: Special Territory (1976-1999) (1982 - 1988). 

The product will have these denominations: 10 Avos, 20 Avos, 50 Avos, 1 Pataca, 5 Patacas. Some of the coins may be changed with a similar catalog numbers. Some of the coins may be changed with a similar catalog number. A full list of catalog numbers: KM:20, Schön:18, KM:21, Schön:19, KM:22, Schön:20, KM:23, Schön:21, KM:24, Schön:22.

The product may be slightly different from the photos. Each product has different dates. Please pay attention, these currencies were in general circulation for many years. The coins may have scratches, dirt, or damage from oxidation.

Coin type: Standard circulated coins

Currency: Pataca

Metal compositions: Brass, Copper-nickel

Country: Macau

Origin: Asia 

Denomination: 10 Avos, 20 Avos, 50 Avos, 1 Pataca, 5 Patacas

Value: 10 Avos, 20 Avos, 50 Avos, 1 Pataca, 5 Patacas

Type: Standard circulation coin

Year: 1982 - 1988 

Diameter: 19.1, 21.1, 23, 26, 29 mm.

Thickness: 1.51, 1.8, 2.18, 2.16 mm.

Weight: 35.45 g.

Shape: Round

Mint: None, {'Pobjoy Mint, Surrey, United Kingdom (1965-2023)': '-', 'Singapore Mint, Singapore': '-'}, {'mint_name': 'Singapore Mint'}

Obverse: Portugal Escutcheon Shield (Coat of Arms), Portuguese shield flanked by stars below above date, Note: there are two variants: "High stars" has the two bottom stars higher than the two lower towers in the coat of arms, and the star after PORTUGUESA to the top-right of the coat of arms. "Low stars" have the stars at the same height as/lower than the towers, and the star after PORTUGUESA to the right of the coat of arms., Portuguese shield above date surrounded by legend flanked by stars. On the photo variety KM24.1 with high stars.

Reverse: Value above the fallen block letters within vertical rectangle, Value above and under the vertical rectangle. The value in Chinese is measured in 'ho'. For 10 ho is equal to 1 pataca, ho is similar to dime. The name of country and character "Shou" (longevity) in center., Artistic design flanked by upright fishes, Stylized dragon above value. On the photo variety KM24.1 with large dragon.

Edge: Smooth, Milled, Reeded

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