Dominican Republic 10 Mixed Coins | Centavos | Pesos | Famous Personalities | 1967 - 2020

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10 Mixed coins from Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic, República Dominicana). Different Dominican coins picked randomly from these periods: Peso oro (1967 - 2020).

The product may contain these denominations: Centavos, Pesos

Monetary unit and its division: 100 Centavos = 1 Peso

Currency: Mixed

Coin type: Standard circulated coins

Compositions: Copper-nickel, Nickel clad steel, Nickel clad steel, Brass, Brass plated steel, Bimetallic

Type: Collections, Lots

Year: 1967 - 2020 

Weight: 80 g.

Shape: Round

Mint: United States Mint, Mint of Poland, Royal Canadian Mint, Royal Mint of Spain

Mint location: Philadelphia, San Francisco, Warsaw, Winnipeg, Madrid

The product may be slightly different from the photos. Each product may have different combinations of coins, various dates, and denominations, and unique catalog numbers. Please pay attention, these currencies were in general circulation for many years. The coins may have scratches, dirt, or damage from oxidation.

Pictures and symbols may be found on the coins:

Themes: Politicians, Explorers, Famous persons, Liberty

👔 Presidents: Benigno Filomeno de Rojas, Ulises Francisco Espaillat, Pedro Francisco Bonó

🖊 Writers: Juan Pablo Duarte

🧭 Explorers: Christopher Columbus, Pinzon Brothers

🎖️ Military Leaders: Caonabo, Gregorio Luperón

🕯 Lighthouses: Faro a Colon (Columbus Lighthouse)

🍀 Plants: Indigenous fruits and vegetables

🌴 Trees: Palm tree ("palmita")

Fact about this person: Christopher Columbus (Italian explorer and colonizer)

Fact about this person: Gregorio Luperón (military general and statesman)

Fact about this person: Pinzon Brothers (Spanish sailors, pirates, explorers and fishermen)

Fact about this person: Caonabo (Caonabo was a Taíno cacique of Hispaniola at the time of Christopher Columbus's arrival to the island. He was known for his fighting skills and his ferocity)

Fact about this person: Mirabal sisters (Patria, Minerva & Maria Teresa)

Fact about this person: Francisco del Rosario Sánchez (national hero and founding father of the Dominican Republic)

Other interesting information: The coat of arms of the Dominican Republic features a shield in similarly quartered colors as the flag, supported by a bay laurel branch and a palm frond. Above the shield, a blue ribbon displays the national motto: Dios, Patria, Libertad (God, Homeland, Liberty). Below the shield, the words República Dominicana appear on a red ribbon. In the center of the shield, flanked by six spears, the front four holding the national flag, is a Catholic Bible with a small golden cross above it.

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